The Best High-Waisted Jeans to Quell Your Sweatpants Fatigue

Word on the street is low-rise denim is making a comeback, but the divisive style can’t hold a candle to the best high-waisted jeans we own. Everyone seems to have a strong opinion on low-cut pants of the early aughts, but hip-hugging styles of the ’80s and ‘90s have emerged as a universally welcomed denim style we refuse to let go of.

Throwing on a snug pair of pants feels all but revolutionary in these sweatpants-ridden times, so consider yourself sticking it to the man by bringing back the everyday style amidst the pandemic. They’ve officially shed their reputation of being “mom”-adjacent and are embraced far and wide by effortlessly cool women for their timeless versatility—including everyone from Fran Lebowitz to Gigi Hadid. They’re nostalgic, but not outdated—and just like any tried-and-true wardrobe essential, everyone swears by one style that stands out among the rest. Even a quick poll among Glamour editors and contributors revealed the sheer variety of options we all swear by (think: retro, super skinny, and wedgie styles), so we rounded up our recommendations for the 17 absolute best high-waisted jeans to shop now.

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