The Best Foot Massagers, According to Very Relaxed Customers


Whether you have tired, aching feet or are just looking for a life-changing way to unwind, the best foot massagers are a genius way to get in a little R&R after a long day. People frequently use foot massagers to help promote an increase in blood circulation, soothe tired muscles after tough workouts, and even practice some much-needed self-care. And just a handful of minutes using a foot massager can go a long way—in fact, studies have shown that foot massages and reflexology can help improve a number of health concerns and offer wellness benefits, ranging from stress reduction to pain relief. 

But whatever your needs are, wading through foot massager descriptions can feel overwhelming. How many nodes do I want? Do I need one with heat? We’ve done the research to make shopping for one easier than taking a nap. Whether you want something transportable (no cords required) or an electronic Shiatsu machine that’s got all the bells and whistles, we found nine products that’ll help you loosen up and ~relax~ in no time. Just read the reviews.

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