The Best Beauty Gifts To Give (and Get) This Year

Finding the best beauty gifts for everyone on your list this holiday season can be easier said than done. Yes, a candle or some bubble bath has universal appeal, but sometimes that can actually be a detriment. Since beauty is so personal, it’s easy for beauty gift sets of hand creams or fragrances to say “I actually don’t know you at all”—unless, say, you’re 100% sure of the recipient’s signature scent.

On the other hand, you want to make sure it’s something the lucky giftee will actually use—no one needs yet another product expiring before they scratch the surface—while maintaining the whole element-of-surprise thing. Luckily, the world of beauty gift ideas is vast, from self-care staples to carefully curated makeup gift sets, which is why a gift guide was inevitable. Read on for the best beauty gifts to give this year—and be sure to save a few for yourself. 

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