The Best Air Fryer Recipes to Start Making on Repeat

Air fryers are one of the best gifts the culinary gods have given us in recent years. So when it came to rounding up the best air fryer recipes, we took things very seriously. There are, oh, zillions of air fryer recipes on the internet, so we had to find the ones that are truly worth your air-frying energy. The qualifications? They have to be simple, healthy, and—most importantly—absolutely delicious.

So, what can you cook in an air fryer? Better to ask what can’t you cook. From versatile chicken recipes to easy breakfasts and desserts, we’re sharing 43 of the very best easy air fryer recipes out there. And sure, you can make most if not all of these recipes in a regular oven, but there’s no beating the air fryer when it comes to convenience. If you’re looking for a tried-and-true model, you can check out our favorite air fryer review here. (Holiday wishlist, anyone?) Now focus, get your hands on one of our best cookware sets, and start meal prepping with the best air fryer recipes we could find.

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