The Ads, The Celebrities, and The Power of Nostalgia: Super Bowl LVI in Numbers

Which brand “won” Super Bowl LVI?

It is normal to have one brand that stands above the rest when it comes to conversation mention volume during the Super Bowl, and that brand is typically the one that sponsors the halftime show. However, this is not a typical year.

The one brand running an ad during the 2022 Super Bowl that was mentioned more than any other was Coinbase, with more than 79,000 mentions during the game.

The simple ad, which is literally a floating QR code that’s reminiscent of an old screensaver, beat out all the competition to secure the most mentions. If we were to take all 560,000 tweets around brands running ads and look at them as a whole, Coinbase’s mentions accounted for an impressive 14% of them. 

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