The ’90s Crop Bob Is the Coolest Take on the Classic Cut


Bobs aren’t going anywhere. They’ve become synonymous with cool-girl cuts and shoulder-flashing sultriness, which has cemented them as one of the top styles—especially since we left lockdown feeling overgrown and ready for a chop.

Best of all, they’re versatile and fit the bill whether you want a glossy, preppy finish or something a little more mussed up and relaxed. “There are lots of different bobs. I think they’re all great; it’s just about whether you want something a bit more polished, or if you want something a bit grittier,” says Luke Hersheson, top London hair stylist and CEO of Hershesons salon. “There’s no right or wrong.”

One style we’ve seen pick up speed, though, is a throwback that we’re ready to give a modern spin. The crop bob is the relaxed, slightly shorter iteration that headlined the ’90s.

Inspired by Cameron Diaz circa Something About Mary

Matt Dillon and Cameron Diaz at the 1998 MTV Movie Awards. Ron Galella/Getty

…or Naomi’s lobe-skimming  cut…

Naomi Campbell on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno  in 1996.NBC/Getty 

…or Kim Kardashian’s flicky Drew Barrymore–inspired chop.

Lately we’ve seen the retro style undergo a cool revival from the likes of model Hannah Kleit, whose scruffier approach feels chilled and super wearable.

We asked Hersheson how to nail the look. “It’s all about how it’s been cut. It’s not too precise,” he says. “It’s more hacked—so it’s trying to achieve what a haircut looks like six weeks in, rather than one day after.” It should feel a little lived-in, which means you can relax slightly on the styling front.

Hershesons Almost Everything Cream is good to give that separated, bitty, ’90s texture,” says Hersheson. “But it’s not really about curling or anything too contrived; it’s more about letting your hair dry on its own, tucking it behind your ears, putting some cream on it, and getting that next-day hair look.”

Smokin’ and simple, it’s a cut that sounds very much up our street.

Here are six ways to wear the crop bob. 

Sort of straight

Soft blunt 

Side flipped


Slip bangs


This story originally appeared on Glamour UK. 


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