The 5 Best Dame Sex Toys, According to Reviews


Dame Products is a company with a mission: not only to sell high-quality sex toys but also to empower their customers in their sex lives. Co-founders Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman set out to solve a glaring problem—that women were reporting less pleasure and getting off less often than men during sex, also known as the pleasure gap. 

“When we started, we were one of few companies led by people with vulvas making sex toys, and we understood firsthand the anatomy we were designing for,” Fine tells Glamour. Because most people with vulvas require clitoral stimulation to orgasm, they set their sights on creating a toy that could allow for easy clitoral stimulation during penetration—hence the birth of the Eva vibrator

Since then, they’ve amassed a collection of cleverly designed toys that help vulva-owners increase their pleasure and learn about their bodies. “We use direct customer feedback and open dialogues to inform our designs, research, and development,” Fine explains. “Our research arm, Dame Labs, teaches us to apply extensive analysis, smart design principles, and—perhaps most importantly—empathy. From the type of stimulation a product provides to where each button is placed, we test every detail with real people to ensure we’re providing real solutions for the bedroom—not just prescribing what we think people want or need.”

The company’s leaders have also been outspoken about destigmatizing female sexual pleasure. When they were denied to right to advertise their products in New York City subways, Fine and Lieberman sued the MTA, leading publications like The New York Times (and Glamour) to address double standards in the advertising of sex products. Dame also furthers sex education through articles offering sex advice and information on its blog, Swell. “We want to ensure all people have access to the products and solutions they need, as well as continue to break the stigma surrounding sexuality and sex toys specifically,” says Fine. 

Customers appreciate Dame for its thoughtful, inclusive messaging and its understanding of their needs. If you’re looking to explore what the brand has to offer, here are some of the best Dame sex toys to get you started, ones that have earned high praise from users. 

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