The 31 Best Sex Toys on Amazon, According to Some Very Excited Reviewers

(Solo) love is in the spotlight, and not a moment too soon. Sales for sex toys—including the best Amazon sex toys—have not only skyrocketed since the 2020 onset of the pandemic, but sexual pleasure workshops have also seen an increase in participants. The clear message? We want the best sex toys, and we want to learn how to use them for ultimate self-care bliss right now. 

Sex toy company Dame started offering sex-positive courses last summer, and Afrosexology, a special space for Black folks to discuss and learn how to self-explore, has seen more attendees at their virtual events in the recent months. According to Well+Good, Rosy, a telehealth company focusing on decreased libido, has seen a “68% increase in users reading erotica on its app,” proving there’s never been a better time for self-care in the form of sexual pleasure.

All of this is to say: If you’ve found yourself more interested than ever in your sexual explorations, you’re not alone. This uptick in sexual wellness awareness has encouraged many to branch out and diversify their sex toy collection. Maybe this means you want to try new things (like a vibrating butt plug or the beloved Womanizer everyone seems to be whispering about), or perhaps you’re in the market for the first time and need a trusty vibrator for beginners

There are a lot of best-selling adult toys out there you can experiment with—alone or with a partner. And if you need help deciding what’ll work for you, look no further than the highest-reviewed and most-loved sex toys on Amazon. It can be tricky navigating the endless virtual aisles, so we’ve narrowed it down the 31 best Amazon sex toys, according to some very excited reviews. Read all about them below.

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