The 25 Best Sunscreens for Your Face, According to Glamour Editors

Finding the best sunscreens for your face is easier said than done. Sunscreen is crucial for preventing wrinkles, sunspots, acne scarring, and skin cancer. Some dermatologists go as far as suggesting that a traditional skin-care routine is useless if you aren’t prefacing it by using sun protection.

Still, so few of us actually wear SPF daily. We get it: Sunscreen is notorious for being greasy and acne-inducing; throw in recent concerns about what’s actually in it (more on that here and here), and it’s not hard to understand why some aren’t super eager to slap it on every morning.

But the days of heavy white formulas are gone. There’s a whole new crop of hydrating, weightless, and transparent sunscreens for your face hitting the market, and oh, they’re good. Glamour staffers tried a bunch and picked out the best of the best for every skin type. Read on for the best sunscreens for face you’ll want to stock up on all year long.

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