The 21 Most Popular Beauty Products at Sephora This Year

One way to ensure the start of 2021 is better than the entirety of 2020? Stocking up on the most popular Sephora products ahead of the ball dropping. Even with the holidays quickly approaching, we all deserve to spend a little extra time on ourselves after the past nine months, and a some  retail therapy is a perfect way to treat yourself.

Sephora carries the crème de la crème of luxury beauty brands, making it the ultimate one-stop shop to fulfill all your skin, hair, and makeup wishes. Plus, its shoppers are devoted—remember that viral eyeliner review?—so you know what they’re shopping is truly the best. Scroll on for the most popular Sephora products this year, and get ready to add to cart. From a must-have mattes palette to a blow-dry brush that does all the work for you, these top-sellers are good. 

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