The 15 Best Quiet, Or Near-Silent Vibrators, For Orgasms On The DL


Before we scream from the rooftops about the very best quiet vibrators, we want to first make it clear that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a loud, buzzy time. Whether it’s you or your vibrator making all the noise, sex and masturbation is natural and amazing, and we have absolutely #noregrets. With that said, sometimes life calls for a discreet vibrator.

Why? Well, some of us have roommates and children, and it might feel awkward sharing that part of our lives with them. Or maybe you want to low-key masturbate while your partner is asleep and you don’t want to wake them up (honestly, good on you for being so respectful).

Whatever the reason is, it’s fine to want a more muted sex toy. Luckily, there are plenty of those to choose from. Taylor Sparks, erotic educator and founder of Organic Loven, tells Glamour, “New technology has allowed those in sex tech to make more and more vibrators with quiet, smaller and powerful motors. While it may have been a thrill to hear the vibrations at the beginning of your vibrator journey, now the focus seems to be more on the ‘whistle’ and less on the bells.”

What makes a quiet vibrator quiet?

The design of a near-silent vibrator ultimately sets it apart from its buzzy peers. Moving parts and motor can be specifically constructed to create a more muffled experience, and more and more toys are headed in that direction. Peter Ovsonka, president and CEO of ZALO USA, tells Glamour that in order to make a quiet product, a high quality, quiet motor is key, as well as a design that “reduces or eliminates as much noise as possible from moving parts, while still achieving the ideal shape and function.”

Since there are nearly endless to choose from, we selected some of the best quiet vibrators and for keeping noise levels way down, according to sex experts and happy customers.


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