The 10 Beauty Trends You’re Going to See Everywhere in 2021


Congratulations! We finally made it to 2021. Who’s got the champagne? While it’ll be awhile until life returns to normal, there are some glimmers of hope—new beauty trends to look forward to being one of them. 

Like most things, beauty has been in a weird place these past few months. It the early days of the pandemic, our homes became our office, day care, and beauty salon. Searches for at-home manicures, root touch-ups, and DIY spa days soared during what we thought would only be a few weeks of lockdown. Some of us ditched our foundation and lipstick and learned to accept our makeup-free selves (or just give less of an eff), while others fell back in love with our natural hair. Then as precautions loosened during the summer, trends fell firmly into two camps. We either stayed true to the minimalism of the spring, or dove head first into fun statement-making trends like bold eyeshadow, peach hair, and glimmering nails just to have something to break up the monotony. 

These conflicting viewpoints are going to continue to drive the way we do beauty next year. For example, pros predict playful eyeliner is only going to become more popular, but that’s mainly because we’ve still got months of mask-wearing to go. Elsewhere, expect to see more curtain bangs (they’re not going anywhere) and retro nails having a moment. So in the spirit of looking forward, we rounded up the biggest beauty trends to get excited about for 2021. Here’s to lipstick making its long-awaited comeback by December. 

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