Teyana Taylor Says This $8 Body Wash Has Transformed Her Skin


Teyana Taylor is radiating joy. Our interview is audio only, but the 30-year-old actor, artist, and choreographer is so full of optimism and excitement that I feel like we might as well be hanging out at her Miami home, sipping tropical drinks while looking out at the ocean. “Miami loves skin, it’s a place where you know you’re gonna get a dewy face and be sun-kissed,” she says. Her testimonial is so convincing, I almost forget how much I hate humidity and consider booking a trip immediately. 

But Taylor has plenty of reasons to be feeling joyous right now, location aside. She just starred in Coming 2 America, opposite Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes. She’s in talks with the legendary Dionne Warwick about a project focusing on the singer’s life and career. And—our reason for this interview—she’s just partnered with Olay Body for their new nighttime retinol collection. 

“I always wanted to be the girl in the Olay commercials, like, in the shower, caressing my leg,” she says with a laugh. “For this to actually happen is just crazy to me.”

While the mom-of-two tells me that “family brings happiness and good skin,” she can’t help but also give props to Olay’s newest products—the Cleansing and Renewal Nighttime Body Wash and Rinse-Off Body Conditioner—for an added boost. “Oh my God, it’s literally addicting,” she says. “In fact, it’s so good, I haven’t even read the directions, so I hope it doesn’t say to only use twice a week or something. It’s like when you have a good hair day, but for your body. You just feel so soft and smooth and smell so good.”

Olay Cleansing and Renewing Nighttime Body Wash With Retinol

Olay Nighttime Rinse-Off Body Conditioner With Retinol

So what else does Teyana Taylor swear by to put her in a carefree mood? She shares that and more in Glamour‘s latest round of Big Beauty Questions. Read on.

What’s one beauty trend you’re obsessed with right now?

The “less is more” trend. I love the fact that we’re back to a state where people are appreciating natural beauty. As much as I love makeup, I’m too lazy to put it on every single day. I love the fact that I can hop on a Zoom, or hop on a call, and I’m just like, “OK, just gonna throw on a brow and moisturize my face and let that be that.” I’m not worried or trying to be super glammed up.

What’s the best beauty advice your mom ever gave you?

This is going to sound crazy, but I used to hate drinking water. My mom has always been so good about drinking water. I would always see this big jug of lemon water. She was like, “This is the magic. This is a secret right here.” I never understood, but once I started doing it, I was like, “Oh, adding lemon is actually a smart way for me to drink water,” because honestly, I can’t even drink water without lemon. I’ve seen a huge transition from just being a junk food-head who drinks soda and juice all day. So it feels good to know I can drink lemon water all day and my skin will be on fleek.

Fill in the blank: I love my hair…

Short! I love pixies.

What hair products do you swear by?

Nairobi mousse. But right now I’m growing my hair out, so I’m back in my natural state. My hair is really, really curly. I love my mousses, like curl gels. Because it doesn’t harden up on you. It keeps it soft, and it defines your curls.

Nairobi Shine Foaming Mousse Lotion

You can only use three products for the rest of your life. What do you choose? 


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