Taylor Swift Just Surprise-Dropped a New Song Ahead of the ‘Fearless’ Rerelease


The Taylor Swift Fearless rerelease is coming April 9, and fans are pumped. The 26-track album will include six brand-new songs, one of which she dropped on April 7…with no warning whatsoever. 

Yup! Instead of teasing this new song with social media announcements, Swift just plopped “Mr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor’s Version)” onto streaming with no heads-up. Honestly, it’s a pretty boss move. 

The song clocks in at just under five minutes and is a plucky, uptempo country-pop tune in the vein of “You Belong With Me” or “State of Grace.” Swift sounds great on the track, and the lyrics seem to address an ex who went on living his life while she felt emotionally broken. 

“Hello, Mr. Perfectly Fine. How’s your heart after breaking mine?” Swift sings on the track. At one point, she calls the dude in question “Mr. Casually Cruel,” which is a phrasing used on the fan-favorite track “All Too Well.” Are they sister tracks? Are they about the same person? Fans, of course, are already hard at work deciphering: 

Eventually Taylor Swift did acknowledge the song on social media. She tweeted playfully, “Me in 2020: life is chill, writing songs based in fiction to avoid drama, feeling pretty grown up. My 2008 music from the vault, in a goblin voice: ‘REELEEEEEEASE MR PERFECTLY FIIIIIIINE.’”

This is the second from-the-vault song we’ve heard. Her collab with Maren Morris, “You All Over Me,” dropped in late March, much to fans’ delight: 

On the subject of the Fearless rerelease, Swift wrote on Instagram, “Fearless was an album full of magic and curiosity, the bliss and devastation of youth. It was the diary of the adventures and explorations of a teenage girl who was learning tiny lessons with every new crack in the facade of the fairytale ending she’d been shown in the movies.”

Can’t wait to hear more!


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