Taylor Swift Fans Think She Teased the ‘1989’ Album Rerelease and Are Freaking Out


Taylor Swift has mastered the art of the Easter egg. 

The singer appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to discuss the recent rerelease of her 2008 Grammy-winning album, Fearless. Naturally, they chatted about her song, “Hey Stephen,” and Swift revealed it was dedicated to Stephen King (sorry, Colbert). But fans are more focused on the theory that she teased the recording of her other Grammy-winning album, 1989.

Rereleasing 1989 right after Fearless would be huge. They’re both fan-favorite albums, and they both won Album of the Year at the Grammys. During the interview, the “Love Story” singer referenced 1989 and its single, “Shake It Off.” She also discussed New York, and we all know that “Welcome to New York” is the first song from the 2014 album. 

Fans are also trying to decode supposed messages about the numbers and dates mentioned in the virtual appearance. Here are some current theories floating around the internet.

One fan tweeted all the information mentioned: “specific things taylor said on stephen colbert: 2008, 18, 44 years 179 days, 513, 54, new york, new york, 1989, scoozi’s chicago, you need to calm down, stephen king, dark tower, the shining, the stand, 511, 33035, shake it off do what you will with this info. #TaylorSwift.”

Another added, “taylor swift knew what she was doing when she named dropped every 1989 reference possible.” 

So, if the theories are true, then there’s only one question to ask: When is the album rerelease announcement happening? One user tweeted, “just saw the interview, and im pretty sure all of it is easter eggs. it was so random of her to mention 1989 and shake it off otherwise. @taylorswift13 1989 RERECORDING ANNOUNCEMENT WHEN.

Other fans are expressing their excitement on Twitter (hint: they’re extremely hyped about the fact 1989 might be rereleased next):

I mean, same.


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