Taylor Swift Fans Are Coming for John Mayer on TikTok


Put Taylor Swift fans in charge of vaccine distribution already, because they’re an organized—and, frankly, elite—force that lets no one and nothing stand in their way. Take John Mayer, for instance. The singer-songwriter probably thought he could join TikTok peacefully. No such luck. Like SEAL Team 6, Tay stans have descended en masse on his account, flooding the comments with references to his relationship with Swift, which ended over a decade ago. Never forgive, never forget, never cross Team Taylor. Like, ever.

In his first TikTok, posted March 1, Mayer seemingly struggles to flip the camera on his recording. Then he says, “Hi!” to the viewers. Innocuous, but his mere presence on the app was enough to summon an army who did not forget Swift and Mayer’s history. “You’re not safe here John,” wrote one commenter. Replied another, “Taylor would know how to flip the camera.” The man has his TikTok defenders, though! Some of the top comments praise his guitar skills, and others say everyone should move on from the past.

In his second TikTok, seemingly in response to the comments on the first, Mayer says “mm-hmm” and nods at the camera. He captioned it, “POV: You’re berating me and I’m hearing you out.” Passive-aggressive or funny? Or not related to the Swifties at all? You decide!

In his third and most recent TikTok, Mayer plays piano and sings, “That was a weird day. That was a real weird day,” while onscreen text says, “Good night new friends!”

Ultimately, what we have learned here is John Mayer needs TikTok lessons, and the loyalty of pop stans knows no bounds. But we politely ask both parties to return to their respective corners. Everyone, go TikTok in peace, then stream Folklore and Evermore. That’s a better use of your time!


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