Taylor Swift Dropped a Surprise Remix Alongside ‘You All Over Me,’ and Fans Are Freaking Out


It’s the Fearless era all over again. At midnight on Friday, March 26, Taylor Swift released her first “from the vault” song off her rerecorded album Fearless, a breakup anthem titled “You All Over Me,” which she wrote in 2008 and rerecorded this past summer with country star Maren Morris. In addition to going back to her Nashville roots for the song, which she’d teased on social media and television, Swift also surprised-dropped a remix of “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” because, as she put it, “In this house we dance and cry at the SAME TIME.”

As we all could have predicted, the lyrics to “You All Over Me” proved just a bit too emotional for most fans to handle, and many have spent the early morning hours crying over it, or at least tweeting that they were crying over it. The central metaphor, similar to her song “Clean,” is about having a past relationship stick to you physically. Taylor Swift’s fans also found parallels to her song “Last Kiss,” which is also about reflecting on an early, important partnership.

As for the Elvira remix of “Love Story,” it’s simply too danceable to pass up. (Anyone else remember “Club Love,” the “Love Story” and “Love in This Club” by Usher mashup that was the absolute bop of 2009?)

The accompanying video is a slideshow of fan moments from Swift’s early tours and events. Because she and the fans were both young when they first saw each other, awww. “THE LOVE STORY ELVIRA REMIX VIDEO HAS ALSO PICTURES WITH FANS NO BECAUSE I’M CRYING IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL AND EMOTIONAL,” one fan tweeted. 

And if you head into the comments section and see people talking about “romantically twerking,” well, it’s just some meme the Swifties have decided to run with today, and that’s about all we can say about that.

BRB, I’ll be dancing and crying all morning, per Taylor Swift’s advice. 


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