Taylor Swift Challenged Fans to Decode Her Latest Puzzle—And We Think They Did


Taylor Swift fans are known for investigating and decoding literally anything the pop star does—sometimes even when there’s nothing to find

That was not the case on Friday, April 2, when the pop star challenged Swifties to an “expert” level puzzle. “The vault door is about to be as unhinged as you’ll think I am after you watch this video, she wrote on Instagram and Twitter. “Level: Expert. Happy decoding!”

In the video, a golden vault opens up revealing a series of jumbled up words like “EYB,” “INFE,” “GENAURIFT,” and more. Nonsense, right? Maybe not.

 Given that Taylor Swift is set to release her 26-track-long rerecording of the Fearless album in one week, many fans quickly began unscrambling what they believe to be bonus track titles. While the comments were turned off on Instagram, they were able to show off their code-cracking skills on Twitter. 

Stans were also quick to theorize that at least one song will feature Keith Urban

Others tried to work out what, exactly, Taylor Swift was really singing over the video, which was also clearly a piece of the puzzle. “Played backwards I hear, ‘I run into you somewhere I didn’t mean to stare I bet she’s nothing like me I’m sure she’ll make you happy,'” one user tweeted. 

The Taylor Swift Updates account seems to have come to a similar conclusion, though they heard, “I ran into you somewhere..I didn’t mean to stare. I hope she’s never like me. I’m sure she’ll make you happy.”

Others were simply along for the ride. “Funny how Taylor Swift got us all to pick up pens when online school never could,” one Twitter user joked. The memes only got better from there.

Meanwhile, I’m still over here wondering about the third part of the Folklore trilogy that will never come. As one Twitter user tweeted, “Taylor Swift thinks I’m a lot smarter than I am.”


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