Sophie Turner Had an A+ Response to Taylor Swift’s New Song That’s Maybe About Joe Jonas


It looks as though Sophie Turner is a fan of Taylor Swift’s new song that’s maybe about Joe Jonas

On April 7, Swift surprise-dropped “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” a from-the-vault song that will appear on the rerelease of Fearless, out April 9. The song is a kiss-off to an ex who, from Swift’s perspective, walked away from their relationship unharmed while she was emotionally broken. Because Swift dated Jonas around the time she wrote this song (2008), fans on social media are speculating he’s the subject matter

Whether that’s true or not, Turner, Jonas’s wife, is here for the song. The Game of Thrones actor posted about “Mr. Perfectly Fine” to Instagram Stories, writing, “It’s not NOT a bop.” No lies detected. 

Instagram/Sophie Turner

And get this: Swift responded! “Forever bending the knee for the queen of the North,” the singer wrote on her Instagram, reposting Turner’s post. (Queen of the North, of course, represents Turner’s character on Game of Thrones.)


I wonder if Sophie Turner is jamming out to the other Taylor Swift from-the-vault song people think is about Joe Jonas. “You All Over Me,” which features Maren Morris, has lyrics very similar to Swift’s song “Last Kiss,” which is believed to be Jonas-inspired. Naturally, fans think both tracks have the same source material. “I don’t wanna be that annoying person but you all over me screams joe jonas to me,” one fan tweeted

As with all Swift songs, we’ll probably never get a direct answer on this one way or the other. But all this drama is from over a decade ago. (Yes, it’s been 13 years since 2008.) The parties involved have clearly moved on and are happy, so we can indulge in this sleuthing guilt-free. 

The Fearless rerelease features four other never-heard-before songs. Swifties, start your engines. The decoding Olympics is upon us. 


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