Shaggy Bobs Are the Relaxed Summer Cut We Can’t Wait to Get


The world of hair possibilities has opened back up and we couldn’t be more excited to have our mop chopped and curated by the pros. The good thing is that our time in hair purgatory has made us think long and hard about our next cut (our Instagram is full of saved snaps for reference). The tricky part is deciding on one style above the rest.

Two styles in particular are tipped to headline this summer. The first is the bob—no surprises there. It’s chic, it’s simple and it’s refreshing to be able to see our shoulders again after all that regrowth. The second style is the shag—basically sexy, bed-head texture that offers oomph at the crown. Yum.

It’s a tough one. But there is another style we could consider… and that’s mashing the two together. Typically, bobs don’t tend to have too much in the way of layering going on around the crown, but the shaggy bob inspirits hair with the rock ‘n’ roll attitude and texture of a shag, alongside the shorter, fresher, collar-bone baring length of a bob. It’s kind of a match made in heaven.

Not sure how that would play out? We have 9 ways to wear a shaggy bob below for your viewing pleasure…

Wavy shaggy bob

This celebrates pretty natural texture with cute flipped ends.

Vanilla shaggy bob

One of the biggest shades of the season, vanilla cream is a bright color refresh but you can keep it a bit rooty to feel more relaxed.

Flipped shaggy bob

The good thing with a laidback texture is that it’s deliberately non-neat, so you can flip the parting from day to day.

’70s shaggy bob

The ’70s are back, complete with butter blonde and Farrah Fawcett inspired hair. This is the modern way to wear it.

Swaggy bob

We love this bob by Michelle Leep. “Shaggy, with a touch of swag.”

Jaw-length shaggy bob

This cute textured bob ends just at the jawline for plenty of neck and shoulder action.

Bleached shaggy bob

This is light and bright, but a little bit grungy too, with plenty of attitude.

Fringed shaggy bob

Shaggy, layered and complete with fringe.

Tucked shaggy bob

Add extra interest with an ear-tuck.

This story originally appeared on Glamour UK.


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