Selena Gomez on Knowing Your Worth, New Music, and Emailing With Steve Martin


Wait—there’s a CrimeCon?

Yes! Just like Comic-Con! You go and get an actual case that’s open. Sometimes it’s been open for 20 years, other times it’s sooner, but basically you get to go in and be a part of the case. It’s real, and it’s really crazy. You go there as someone who wants to help solve the case.

Do people recognize you when you’re there? Or do you wear a disguise?

No, that was actually fine because everybody was so focused on the case. It was so much fun.

OK, so once you felt comfortable with Steve and Marty, what were your conversations like? What did you want to ask them about?

My questions always consisted of what were you doing when you were my age. I asked them about love, I asked them about their careers, I asked them about humor. I was constantly asking questions. It was so much fun for me to learn and really feel like I was a part of the gang. They even initiated me as third amigo. 

Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

What’s the best advice that they’ve given you?

To just don’t rush. Don’t rush. I think if anything, they’ve just always taught me to enjoy the moment that I’m in and to be aware of my worth and my value.

And what did Steve and Marty want to know about you and your career?

They would always ask questions about pop culture. I think that was the biggest fascination. If anything, it was like, “Why is this song popular,” and “Are people listening to this still? Are they liking this?” I would play them rap songs, and I would sing with them and dance. It was so much fun; it shouldn’t even have been work.

Are we going to be able to see videos of this dancing and singing?

Maybe. I have some footage, but I always have to ask the guys’ permission first, but I do have some footage.

One of my favorite scenes in the series is when their characters struggle with whether to call or text you, and then try to figure out what to say to you in a text. I’m guessing you have their phone numbers in real life, so what is it like texting with Steve and Marty?

It’s actually email! They’re so sweet, and they sign off, like, “Yours Truly, Steve.” It’s the sweetest thing. They are just like quirky and cute in their own way. They felt like my two crazy uncles. Just imagine being in the middle of those two. I was captivated.


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