Sandra Oh Just Revealed Whether or Not She’ll Make a ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Cameo


If you were hoping for a Meredith-Cristina reunion, fire up the fan fic, because it’s not happening on Grey’s Anatomy. Sandra Oh says she’s moved on from the character and won’t be making a cameo on the series, which was just renewed for its 18th season.

Asked on the Asian Enough podcast whether she might make a cameo, Oh replied a definitive no, reports Us Weekly. Given that the most recent season has seen the return of characters like Mark, Lexie, Derek, and April, it’s a fair question. Oh, too, understands it; fans are still attached to the character, perhaps more so than she is at this point. She said, “In some ways, you do your work as a bubble and you let it go. I left that show, my God, seven years ago almost. So in my mind, it’s gone. But for a lot of people, it’s still very much alive. And while I understand and I love it, I have moved on.”

That’s not to say she doesn’t still have a place in her heart for all the Cristina Yang fans out there. “I love it, though, and this is also why I really appreciate the show…that I still get asked [about returning],” she said, adding, “It’s very rare, I would say, to be able to see in such a way the impact of a character.”

Oh played Meredith’s workaholic bestie Cristina Yang for nearly a decade and won a Golden Globe in the process. Unlike other characters who were dramatically killed off the series, Yang is still canonically alive, which perhaps fuels the desire for a reunion. But in the fictional Grey’s universe, she’s probably busy. “Cristina, like I imagine all the health care workers, [would be] wickedly at the front line trying to solve the big problems,” imagined Oh. “This pandemic [has made] the wealth gaps…even more obvious and problematic, so [she] probably [is] attacking the systematic problems, not just the day in and day out.”

Honestly, we can’t blame Oh for staying booked and busy and looking for new projects. And for those who still miss Sandra Oh/Dr. Cristina Yang moments, well, you have, like, a hundred hours of early Grey’s seasons to rewatch anytime you want.


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