Ryan Reynolds Says His Three Daughters Troll Him Just Like Blake Lively Does

Internet trolls, beware: There’s nothing you can do to Ryan Reynolds that his wife, Blake Lively, and three daughters aren’t doing already. The Deadpool actor, known for his cheeky sense of humor, recently revealed that the women in his family troll him at every turn. 

Asked if he has experience with trolls, Reynolds told People, “Oh, God, yes, I do. Are you kidding me? I live with one. My wife trolls the crap out of me. Why would I go online? I’ve got it right here at home.” In his new movie Free Guy, Reynolds plays a video game character who, of course, ends up dealing with trolls in the world of the game. 

He continued to People, “Even my daughters now troll me, so, like, I’m safe from nothing.”

Reynolds and Lively have three daughters: James, Betty, and Inez. If those names sound familiar, it may be because they were used by Taylor Swift in a song on her album Folklore, which Reynolds says he found pretty cool.

“The names are the names of our kids, but you know, we trust her implicitly,” said Reynolds in an interview with SiriusXM last week. “She’s very sensitive to any of that stuff, and obviously the song has nothing to do with our kids other than our kids’ names.”

“What an honor,” Reynolds continued, calling Swift’s decision “pretty damn amazing.” It seems that while Reynolds and Lively had a heads-up and probably gave Swift permission to use their daughters’ names, the actual James, Inez, and Betty had no idea until Folklore dropped. “We surprised them,” said Reynolds. So the cute kind of trolling.

It seems that despite whatever guff his kids give him, Ryan Reynolds is always willing to go the extra step to include them in his professional life in small, adorable ways. During a recent appearance on Good Morning America, he sent his girls “secret signals” to say “hello” before turning to the camera and actually giving them a shout-out. So sweet!

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