Riz Ahmed Helped Fix His Wife Fatima Farheen Mirza’s Hair on the Oscars Red Carpet


Riz Ahmed may not have won the Oscar for best actor–congrats, Sir Anthony Hopkins–but we’d like to honor him with the award for best and cutest husband at the ceremony. The reason? This clip of him fixing his wife, Fatima Farheen Mirza’s, hair on the red carpet. 

Though Ahmed has publicly thanked his wife for her support before, Sunday night’s (April 25) Oscars red carpet marked their official public debut as a married couple, and they made the most of it. Both looked gorgeous, with Mirza, a novelist, wearing a turquoise gown.

While posing together, Ahmed paused to make sure his wife’s hair was picture-perfect, telling photographers he was the “official groomer” for the night. Naturally, Twitter ate the footage right up.

As one user put it, “I need someone to look at me like Best Actor nominee Riz Ahmed looks at his wife Fatima Farheen Mirza!” Hard agree.

The moment has prompted many to discover the couple’s adorable meet-cute: They literally met in a coffee shop. Ahmed revealed to Jimmy Fallon that while he was in New York preparing for his Oscar-nominated role in The Sound of Metal, he stopped into a coffee shop to get a little writing done and sat down at the same table as Mirza. They “were both jostling over the same laptop plug point,” he recalled, adding that he stayed in touch with the novelist and started dating her a little later. They got married in an intimate ceremony during the pandemic.

If your heart hasn’t been fully melted yet, please keep in mind that he proposed while on a picnic, via a game of Scrabble. “She loves a bit of Scrabble. So we were actually playing Scrabble and I did that corny thing where I stole all the correct letters up and spelled out Will you marry me?” the actor told Jimmy Kimmel. That’s it. I am becoming a novelist. But first I need to find my coffee shop outfit.


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