Rihanna’s New ‘Body Sauce’ Makes You Look Like You’ve Been on Vacation


If anyone knows how to give good glow, it’s Rihanna. So when news broke that Fenty Beauty was releasing Body Sauce, a luminizing tinted moisturizer for your body that makes you look like you just returned from an island getaway—even when the farthest you’ve traveled is to your local Sephora and back—I was immediately hooked.

As a native Californian, I personally prefer having a constant tan. And I’ve actually stared in shock at my winter-pale reflection when passing by a mirror on multiple occasions. There’s something about a radiant complexion that comes from sitting out in the sun (SPF-protected, of course) that makes me feel sexy and empowered. But it’s still winter in NYC, and the most sunlight I’m catching is through the living room window between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

While I prefer the au naturel method of tanning, I jumped at the chance to try out Body Sauce because (1) Fenty Beauty doesn’t disappoint and (2) I live for an allover glow 365 days of the year. If there was ever a time to test out whether Body Sauce would come through on making my body luminous in a matter of seconds, it’s definitely when the sky is gray and snow can’t fully be discounted from the forecast just yet.

I wear #330 in the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, so out of the seven shades available, I chose Agave Spice, which is a pretty tan with copper undertones. Putting it on is super straightforward—I applied the tint to clean, dry skin per the instructions, then worked it in with my hand.  


After Fenty Body Sauce 


After Fenty Body Sauce 

At first I was a little surprised at the consistency. The formula does come out a little thick, but it easily blended into my arm the more I rubbed. Immediately I could see my arm take on this beautiful bronze tone, as if I had just stepped inside after lying out in the backyard on an 80-degree, sunny afternoon. My skin looked smoother and more even-toned, and the shimmer was subtle enough that it didn’t look like I dipped my arm into a bowl of glitter. 

One of the biggest selling points has to be that there was no stickiness at all. While drying down, the tint did transfer a little, but once fully dry, it stayed put. I couldn’t feel the layer I applied on my skin; it just melted in, which is crucial if you’re looking to add a temporary boost of glow but don’t want to feel like you’ve basically just applied body paint all over. 

Removal was simple. I used a cleansing balm to break down the tint, then double-cleansed with my bar soap. Of course, if you’re applying Body Sauce over your entire body, using a balm might be a tad impractical, so I would opt for going in with some coconut oil and then following up with your regular body wash to make sure all of the product is removed. 

If you too simply cannot wait to look like you’ve been graced by the sun’s rays, consider this worth the investment. Because even when summer does roll around, the lightweight, buildable, sheer wash of shimmer this tint delivers was made for beach days.

Fenty Beauty Body Sauce Body Luminizing Tint

Michella Oré is a beauty assistant at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @michellaor.


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