Rihanna’s Lacy Lingerie Dress Is Sexy Summer Style Done Right

Rihanna just demonstrated another ensemble we can wear to beat the heat while still remaining chic: a slip dress and statement accessories. Rather than layering up her clothes, which would only suffocate her in the July air, Rih recently stepped out in a lacy black slip dress and long strands of pearls, making it clear she’s fully dressed even if she’s not wearing much.

She completed the look with a few other jewelry items, a matching black bag and shoes, and a bright red lip. When it’s too hot for fuzzy bucket hats, you let your glam make the bold choices for you!

Gotham, Getty Images

Rihanna was snapped outside the New York City eatery Carbone at the tail end of Independence Day Weekend, possibly meeting up with her beau, A$AP Rocky, or another Big Apple friend. Reportedly, she and Rocky were recently (temporarily) turned away from a bar in Brooklyn for not having ID, but we’re sure the hostess at Carbone didn’t make that bouncer’s rookie mistake.

Honestly, this outfit is giving us flashbacks to the first Rise of Rih: the “Umbrella” era. The year was 2007, jest jewels were all the rage, and Blair Waldorf had just lost her virginity to Chuck Bass in his limo wearing basically the same outfit as Rihanna here. The Fenty founder’s hair was styled slightly differently at the time but was still on the short and choppy side. Her eyes were smokier than this current cat eye, but other than that…the vibes match.

ICYMI, her latest style innovation for summer was the long blazer–tiny shorts–baseball cap combo, a daytime look that we’ll probably be trying with sneakers instead of stilettos as we, tragically, are mortals. That outfit too included a long strand of pearls (tucked inside her jacket but still visible). Wow, it really is the roaring ’20s all over again!

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