Rihanna Just Put a Hot Girl Twist on the French Manicure


Warning: Do not continue reading this article if you’re allergic to extreme heat. Rihanna just debuted a fiery new twist on the French manicure, and we’re booking an appointment at the nail salon ASAP. What? We’re allowed to be copycats when it’s literally Rihanna.

In her latest selfie, posted on July 29, the “Shut Up and Drive” singer posed in sunglasses, a fuzzy bucket hat, and gold jewelry, but it’s her nails that caught our eye. She did a version of the French tip, leaving her nail beds coated in clear gloss while the tips are colored metallic red with drips. Wowza. We can’t tell if it’s supposed to be a drop of blood or a small red flame, but either way, we’re both in awe and on board. 

Red is clearly Rihanna’s power color when it comes to nails. A quick perusal of her Insta revealed she had her nails coated in red back in June, posing in bright lingerie, and last December, during a visit to Sephora.

Truly, it’s a color for any occasion, whether you’re in work mode, play mode, or set-a-Real Housewife-straight mode. Because that’s the other meaning behind her latest ‘gram: weighing in on a Real Housewives of New York City debate. On a recent episode of Bravo’s RHONY, the “Disturbia” hit-maker got name-checked by cast member Leah McSweeney, who told costar Ramona Singer she didn’t need help promoting her Married to the Mob clothing line because Rihanna was already wearing it. In the selfie, Rihanna rocks a “Bitch Mob” T-shirt, and she also added a video of the RHONY clip in the same post. She captioned it, “What was said @ramonasinger ? 😂 #RHONY” The nail art even seems to match the font on the T-shirt, not to mention the color.


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