‘Real Housewives’ Star Dr. Tiffany Moon Swears By This Hand Cream for Dry Skin


When a new cast member joins The Real Housewives, it often takes the reality star—and the audience at home watching her—some time to warm up. Not the case for Dr. Tiffany Moon. 

The anesthesiologist joined the Real Housewives of Dallas crew this past season with the ease of a seasoned Bravo veteran, offering up the luxurious lifestyle inspiration and sassy one-liners fans have come to expect from franchise favorites. (Her tagline: “I can save your life but not your reputation.” I die.) 

But for Moon, the best part of joining the reality show wasn’t the access to glam teams, the expensive trips to places like…Oklahoma, or the other perks you might expect. It was the opportunity to speak out about the causes that matter most to her. “People are now recognizing me and listening to me,” she tells me over the phone. “I have the platform to talk about important issues like education, domestic violence awareness, and Stop AAPI Hate. I just love that now I have a voice.” 

She’ll use that voice in the show’s final reunion episode, which is set to air May 11 on Bravo. And though it’s not confirmed, it feels likely we’ll see her back in the mix for season six. Until then, we caught up with Moon to find out more of her favorite things—including the essentials she brings to the operating room. Read on for our latest installment of Your Fave’s Faves, featuring Tiffany Moon.

My favorite thing in my closet

I’ve always been into clothes. It’s been a passion of mine even though I have a career as a doctor, where I wear scrubs 90% of the time. Choosing a favorite thing in my closet is like making me pick my favorite child, but I am a connoisseur of Hermès handbags

I just got a tiny crocodile one that’s beautiful and I’ve never carried it. It just sits there in my closet. If you get any water on these handbags, they color the leather. So I can’t carry it on a day that might rain or take it to a restaurant where someone might spill something on it. I consider it like an expensive painting on the wall, but it’s a purse on a shelf in my closet. 

The last thing I bought

I was driving home from work, and Hermès is literally on my way. So I just bought a baby pink Kelly clutch, in a color called rose sakura, which incidentally [costar] Kameron Westcott was taunting me with inside my own closet [on the show]. I was like, “Give my back my rose sakura Birkin!” So now I have a rose sakura Kelly. It’s very feminine, so I think I’ll wear all black with it and then just have that pop of baby pink. So cute. I’m imagining it already, but I don’t have anywhere to go. I’ll just go to the kitchen and turn back around.

The shoes I wear to work, when I’ll be on my feet all day

I wear Dansko clogs when I’m working. This is kind of nasty, but they’re patent leather, so I can wipe the blood off them more easily. If you get blood on sneakers, you can’t easily clean them, so I wear clogs in the operating room and just use a Lysol wipe.

The lotion that helps my overwashed hands

I use L’Occitane shea butter hand cream. The little tube fits in my scrubs, and I prefer their unscented lotion because I don’t like when things smell too much. I just stick that in my scrubs to use anytime I need to moisturize at work. 

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

The genius snack trick you need to try

I love my hot Cheetos. I like it spicy! I especially love Flaming Hot Cheetos, and I eat them—this is the truth—with chopsticks so that I don’t get the orange dust on my fingers. I’ve been doing it for years. When I do it in front of people, they’re like, “That’s genius!” I need to patent it. 

Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Cheetos (Pack of Five)

The best advice I have for moms

Set alarms and timers for everything. On my one day off, I’m supposed to pick up my daughters from carpool, so because I don’t normally do that, I have an alarm for that. I need lots of reminders and good help. I’m not going to pretend like my life is so pretty, pretty perfect and I do it all effortlessly. No way. I have an amazing au pair, my kids have amazing teaches, I have an amazing assistant. I can’t do all that and be a doctor and do it all perfectly. I don’t wear makeup four days out of the week, and then I wear makeup one day of the week and we shoot all the photos on that one day. But when you put them out, people think I live this fabulous life, but I don’t.

How I self-care

I’m going to plug my Aroma-sthesia candles, because I dreamt that up by myself. It was a passion project that started with me mixing essential oils in my basement. Before I knew it, like a year later, now I have 18 scents. I burn different scents for when I’m in different moods. There’s one for when I’m trying to relax, and one for if I’m feeling a little saucy. My husband will be like, “Ooh, she’s got that candle burning tonight.” 

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