Queen Elizabeth II Low-Key Launched a Beer Line

Queen Elizabeth II has a beer line now. Why the eff not, am I right? Not that she’s is brewing it herself, mind you: Plants grown on her estate in Sandringham will now be used to make “a range of beer,” available for purchase (where else?) at the Sandringham gift shop.

Specifically, the organic Laureate Spring barley from Sandringham’s farmlands will be used in the new products, made locally by Norfolk’s Barsham Brewery. The Sandringham Beers are available in two varieties: the Best Bitter bottle, which bears an illustration of a rabbit, and the Golden IPA bottle, which bears an illustration of a pheasant. People reports that they are priced at $5.50 for a 500ml bottle. (I’d go for the Golden IPA, personally.)

The article notes that this is far from the first venture into wines and spirits made by the palace. Buckingham Palace sells its own dry gin, which uses ingredients from the backyard of the queen’s London home (available only in the United Kingdom, unfortch). A recent addition to the gin line includes a sloe berry flavor to benefit the Royal Collection Trust, which preserves the queen’s art collection. So not exactly solving a crisis, but then again, it’s gin, my friends.

Perhaps this new beer is a small tribute to Queen Elizabeth II’s late husband, Prince Philip? He was known to be a beer lover. Prince Harry noted in his statement about his grandfather’s passing that, were the Duke of Edinburgh with him at the moment, he would surely have a “beer in hand” as he told his family to “get on with it.”

Well, we know what we’re drinking next time we find ourselves on the grounds of Sandringham, a place we go to a lot and where we have many friends. Don’t you?

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