Princess Charlotte Looks So Much Like Prince William In Adorable New Birthday Portrait

Happy birthday, Princess Charlotte!

On May 1, just one day ahead of Princess Charlotte’s sixth birthday, royal reporters released an adorable new portrait of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s only daughter. In keeping with tradition, the photo was taken by Middleton just this weekend in Norfolk.

In the photo, Princess Charlotte is all smiles in a sweet floral dress by Rachel Riley UK, according to royal reporter Emily Nash. Check out the image for yourself:

People in the comments seem to be debating over whether the young princess looks more like her father, Prince William, or her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, but she looks just like her dad to me! Let’s see a side-by-side:

Getty/Kate Middleton

But what about when Prince William was a kid? The resemblance gets even stronger:

Getty/Kate Middleton

Just for fun, here’s a photo of Princess Diana and Prince William that was taken on May 2, 1988, when he was almost six years old:

Tim Graham

Last year, when portraits of Princess Charlotte were released on the little girl’s fifth birthday, the internet noticed that she bore a striking resemblance to her second cousin, Lady Sarah Chatto. For those of you not up on your royal lineage, Lady Sarah is the daughter of Queen Elizabeth’s only sister, Princess Margaret. Victoria Arbiter, the royal reporter who posted the comparison on Twitter, also pointed out that Lady Sarah and Charlotte were born almost exactly 52 years apart (Lady Sarah’s birthday is May 1, 1964). Now it seems Charlotte has two royal doppelgängers.

Typically,  Kensington Palace would release the official portrait on their Instagram page, as they recently did on Prince Louis’ third birthday, but the Duke of Cambridge is currently boycotting social media over the weekend to protest online harassment in sports.

While the royal family may wait until Monday to share the portrait, we’re sure they’re celebrating Princess Charlotte’s big day all the same. 

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