Prince William Revealed a Sweet Detail About Princess Charlotte’s Sixth Birthday Party


Princess Charlotte turned six on May 2, and Prince William and Kate Middleton were able to make the day special after a tough year for everyone.

While visiting Babcock Vehicle Engineering to learn about the company’s new ventilator prototype, the future king was asked how his daughter had enjoyed her recent birthday, to which he replied (per Hello! ), “She had a lovely day, thank you.” He then explained, “Last year it was her birthday in lockdown, but this year we were able to have one other family over. They grow up very fast. It was great fun.”

Prince William didn’t provide any details as to who this family was, but we can imagine that little Princess Charlotte, who recently returned to in-person school at St. Thomas Battersea, and her big brother, Prince George, were happy to have different people around.

This is perhaps one of the most unfair things about the pandemic. For adults, missing a birthday party is unfortunate but not tragic; does turning 41 need to be a momentous occasion? Not really. But for kids under 10, every year is a huge milestone, so it’s so nice that “Lottie” was able to have a real party.

For the occasion, the Cambridges released a special portrait of their daughter, taken, of course, by Middleton. Doesn’t Princess Charlotte look just like her dad here?

Their youngest, Prince Louis, also celebrated a birthday recently; he turned three in April and started school. No word on how he celebrated his birthday, but maybe this little pedal-less bike was a gift? 

The royal couple also celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary not too long ago. That’s so many family benchmarks. Can you imagine how many thank-you cards Kate Middleton has had to write over the last month? My hand is cramped just thinking about it.


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