Prince Harry Has a New Job With the Mental Health App He’s Used Himself


Prince Harry’s new job is in line with his mission to help people. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Duke of Sussex is now the chief impact officer for the coaching and mental health company BetterUp Inc.

“I intend to help create impact in people’s lives,” Prince Harry told the WSJ. “Proactive coaching provides endless possibilities for personal development, increased awareness, and an all-round better life.”

BetterUp Inc. brings together world-class coaching, AI technology, and behavioral science experts to improve individual resilience, adaptability, and effectiveness. According to the website, “BetterUp isn’t just about thriving professionally. It’s about finding the kind of fulfillment that makes you want to bring your best to everything you do. We help members focus on what’s most important to them, whether it’s getting that next promotion or finding balance.” The company was founded in 2013 and is valued at $1.73 billion.

“I was matched with my coach who, quite frankly, is truly awesome and has always given me sound advice and a fresh perspective, which is so valuable,” Prince Harry explained about his experience with the app. “This is about acknowledging that it isn’t so much what is wrong with us, but more about what has happened to us over the course of life. Often because of societal barriers, financial difficulty, or stigma, too many people aren’t able to focus on their mental health until they’re forced to. I want us to move away from the idea that you have to feel broken before reaching out for help.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been vocal about their commitment to mental health. Since the couple stepped down from their roles as senior royals, they are working in America to support themselves. And they’re succeeding—with deals lined up at Netflix, Spotify, and now Prince Harry’s BetterUp gig. He and Meghan Markle are not only independent, they’re making a positive impact on the world.


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