Paris Hilton Says She’s Going to Wear 10 Dresses at Her Wedding

What, did you think Paris Hilton would elope? Get hitched in some intimate courthouse ceremony? No, of course not. The woman who defined the socialite-heiress archetype for a generation is obviously getting married in a three-day wedding extravaganza that will include as many as 10 outfit changes. Her family is in the hospitality business, after all.

Hilton, who has been engaged to Carter Reum since February, revealed on The Tonight Show that while wedding planning is a bit of a headache, the fashion part is pretty fun. “We’re planning everything, it’s very stressful,” she told Jimmy Fallon, adding that picking out a dress is “basically the only thing” she’s done. “I’m not a bridezilla at all,” continued Hilton, whose wedding preparation is being filmed for an upcoming documentary series. “I wanted my fans to see that I found my Prince Charming and my happy fairytale ending.”

As for music, the pair will book a DJ and a band, because when your nuptials span three days, you need a lot of entertainment. Hilton will wear “probably 10” dresses over the course of the event, saying she “love[s] outfit changes.” I’d expect nothing less. 

The Cooking With Paris host first confirmed her relationship with Reum in April 2020, and now wears a custom 10 to 20-carat emerald-cut center stone framed by two shield-cut diamonds, all fit in a tension setting.

In July 2021, Paris Hilton shared just how much Carter Reum means to her, writing on Instagram, “20 months of bliss! ❤️🥰❤️ One of my favorite things about you is just how much you support me with everything I do. You’re always by my side during these big life moments and with you and us together, I feel truly unstoppable. My best friend and love of my life all in one. I can’t wait for more memories and the life we’re building together. Happy 20 Monthiversary my love! ✨❤️” If that’s not a love worth a few outfit changes, I don’t know what is.

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