Paige DeSorbo Says the ‘Summer House’ Cast Is Obsessed With This Brow Gel

When Paige DeSorbo recommends something, you immediately add to cart. After all, the 28-year-old reality star and style influencer is so dedicated to her look that her need for a bigger closet was an entire plot line on last week’s premiere of Winter House, a new crossover series that brings Bravo’s popular Summer House and Southern Charm stars together to party in Vermont.  

To be fair, DeSorbo did bring a lot of clothes for the 17 days they spent filming. About six large boxes’ worth. “Packing for Vermont was a lot more stressful than I thought it was going to be,” DeSorbo tells me over the phone. She says she ended up FedEx-shipping everything to the house because, as she puts it, “I don’t even own enough suitcases.” (Her favorite place for affordable ski attire, by the way, is ASOS.) 

But any closet drama is worth it for fans of the series who enjoy seeing DeSorbo’s near constant parade of cute looks. “My style is always evolving,” DeSorbo says. “I was telling one of my friends the other day that I haven’t been wearing as many crop tops as I used to. I feel like I’m moving more into—I don’t want to say a professional style, but definitely more conservative and timeless. I think very much like Victoria Beckham. I also love Morgan Stewart and Camila Coelho’s styles.”

What else is Paige DeSorbo eyeing these days? Find out with our latest installment of Your Fave’s Faves.

The best things in my closet…right now

This is going to be so clichéd, because everyone knows I love Zara, but I just bought this Zara red dress and I never wear red. That’s why I’m so excited about it, because I really do like it despite the color. And then I just bought the new patent leather boot from Steve Madden. Anything patent leather, I love. I bought three colors literally an hour ago.

My go-to comfy clothes

I’ve been shopping a lot from Instagram ads. So I don’t really have a particular brand I go to for comfy sets—it’s kind of like, whenever I see a cute one, I buy it and pray that it’s actually really comfortable. I will say for pajamas there’s this brand called Tommy John that I’ve been wearing for, like, three years, and they are the best pajamas I’ve ever worn. I bought my mom and aunt them and they live in them, especially in the winter. 

Tommy John Short Sleeve Top & Short Pajama Set

I would say my luck with shopping on Instagram is like 80-20. I’ve had some really good experiences with Instagram ads where the brand becomes some of my favorites. There’s one called Leau that I’ve bought a ton of stuff from. And I keep getting targeted by Piral. There was only one time I can remember in the past year that I bought something from an Instagram ad and was like, “This is not great.”

The beauty products I can’t live without

What has changed the most in my beauty products recently are my eyebrows. There’s one pencil I will use called Sania’s Brow Bar, and then I also started using a brow gel. It’s almost like a glue and by the brand Refy. I found them on an Instagram ad like a year ago and bought it. [My Summer House costar] Amanda Batula uses it too, and we’re obsessed with it. I got Ciara into using it, and now they sell it in Sephora

Refy Brow Sculpt Shape and Hold Gel

I typically do the same makeup look. I like having a brown natural eye and then just a foundation and bronzer. I always have a similar vibe unless I’m wearing something and I want to do blue eyeliner or something crazy. But for makeup products, I would say Charlotte Tilbury is my favorite across the board. Her foundation, her blushes, her blender, her lipsticks are all my favorite. And then I use like the Tarte concealer. That’s also always in my bag.

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Undereye Concealer

My skin-care essentials

In the past year my skin has kind of gone crazy, so I’ve been really into skin care. My number one trick that I learned recently for making your makeup look good: It’s really all about prepping your skin. My moisturizer is First Aid Beauty, and then I use a Glossier primer before I do my makeup.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

Glossier Priming Moisturizer

The home decor trick I swear by

My best friend from high school actually designed my apartment, and she’s amazing. So I didn’t have to do anything, but my favorite thing in my apartment that I didn’t really know I would be obsessed with are the silk curtains. Custom-made curtains actually change an entire room. I have them in my bedroom and living room, and now I don’t think I can ever live in an apartment without really cool curtains.

The kitchen appliance I’m obsessed with

I recently got a GoWise USA air fryer. One of my best girlfriends got it for me. She actually ordered it drunk one night from Amazon. And I’ve never been more thankful for her. I just pop everything in the air fryer. My mom is so annoyed with me calling her and telling her everything I’ve put in the air fryer. 

My favorite app on my phone

My favorite app right now is TikTok, honestly, because that’s how I end each night. I have been getting a lot of makeup TikToks lately, and I’ve been obsessed with it. And when Amanda was planning her wedding, I kept getting wedding TikToks because we’d send them back and forth to each other. There’s one girl named Caroline J. Crawford, and I just loved everything she did for her wedding. She ended up moving to New York and we became friends because I messaged her and was like, “I love everything you did on your wedding day!” We chat all the time. She’s the cutest person ever.

Anna Moeslein is the deputy editor at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @annamoeslein.

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