Only Rihanna Could Pull Off a Metallic Purple Miniskirt in December

Rihanna doesn’t let a little cold weather stop her from wearing whatever she wants.

In early December, the temperature dropped in the Northeast, heralding winter. But Rihanna’s hemline rose nonetheless. On Friday, December 3, the multihyphenate was spotted wearing a metallic purple miniskirt in chilly New York City. She wore the ’fit to see the Basquiat exhibit at Christie’s in NYC with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky. See the look in full here. It’s giving us Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century vibes

Rihanna paired the metallic purple miniskirt with a black T-shirt. Over the look, she warmed up with a multicolored down coat with purple, white, red, and black feathered trim detail. The billionaire was accessorized with metallic purple knee-high boots, gold jewelry (including a cross necklace), and purple shades.

Something else you might notice on Rihanna’s look: a black finger brace that’s protecting her ring and pinky fingers. We must protect Rihanna’s fingers at all costs! 

A$AP Rocky, meanwhile, wore a toned-down, winter-appropriate look for the occasion: dark jeans, a long plaid coat, a plaid scarf, a Gucci baseball cap, and brown loafers with tassels. After being friends for a decade, the two began dating in 2020. “The love of my life,” A$AP said about Rihanna to GQ, adding, “My lady.”

Dressing however you want despite the temperature is simply what heroes do. On November 30, Rihanna was named a national hero of her home country, Barbados: She was awarded her nation’s highest honor on its 55th Independence Day. “Nothing compares to being recognized in the soil that you grew in,” Rihanna said during her acceptance speech. “Barbadians are a proud people…. We are probably the proudest people I know. No matter where I go in the world, I take that pride with me.”


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