Nicole Richie Shared a Rare Baby Photo of Her Daughter, Harlow

Can you believe Nicole Richie is mom to a teenager? Her daughter, Harlow Madden, turned 13 on January 11, and Richie commemorated the moment by posting the sweetest baby picture.

Richie shares a lot of her life on Instagram and other social media but rarely includes Harlow or her son, Sparrow. (They’re young and deserve privacy!) In the picture Richie is holding her then baby daughter close, and Harlow’s looking right at the camera. In the caption Richie wrote, “Here you are at 3 months old. Today you are 13. ♥️ You light up my life with your presence, & have no problem lighting up my bedroom with your bright phone screen. Nothing is better than watching you become the young woman you are. I am so lucky I get to be your mom. Happy Birthday to my favorite girl in the world 💫✨💫 Now lets go binge watch season 3 of Greys.” So cute.

Proud dad Joel Madden posted a throwback to honor Harlow, as well: a black-and-white candid of the now teen as a toddler. He wrote simply, “Happy 13th Birthday 🎂🎂❤️.”

In general, Madden’s a little more willing to post pictures of their kids online. He wished Sparrow a happy 11th birthday in September with a father-son picture, and a full family snap will pop up on his grid from time to time. He even posted this pic that Richie actually took of herself, Harlow, and Sofia Richie looking like total triplets. “Who’s who anymore,” he wrote in the caption. 

Turning 13 during a pandemic probably isn’t the rite of passage Harlow had in mind, but we’re sure Nicole Richie and Joel Madden found a way to make it special for her. Even if it means just binge-watching Grey’s on the couch. Honestly, sounds like a pretty perfect b-day celebration to us. 

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