New Moms on the Best Mother’s Day Gifts to Give (and Get!)

Finding Mother’s Day gifts for new moms can feel like a toss-up between getting something for her or her baby. While the latter is definitely appreciated, few milestones are as stressful as the early months of parenthood—and securing the perfect gift for her first Mother’s Day is *especially* important. She’s in unchartered territory, and between getting enough sleep, easing back into her routine, and adjusting to the endless postpartum duties that come with taking care of a real human child, it can feel impossible to keep up with everything. (And that was before a global pandemic swooped in.) 

Fellow moms get it, so we asked 17 women to share the things they received (or wish they had) right after giving birth. Swaddles, onesies, and new mom gift baskets (ahem, diaper cakes) were probably ticked off on her baby registry and can go only so far if you’re looking to surprise a mama-to-be with thoughtful gifts on Mother’s Day. So whether you’re shopping for a friend, loved one, or colleague who’s pregnant, look to the trusted recommendations ahead for the best gifts for new moms this year.

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