Netflix Is Making a ‘Matilda’ Musical Movie, and We Just Got Some New Details


A Matilda musical movie is coming to Netflix. 

Yes, Roald Dahl’s tiny, telekinetic bookworm Matilda Wormwood is being brought to life once more in the upcoming Netflix adaptation of the hit Broadway musical, Matilda. Fans of the book and the 1996 movie adaptation will remember that Matilda follows Matilda Wormwood, the intellectually gifted child of two shallow and negligent parents who trains her brain on great works of literature until she can move objects with her mind. Together with her perfect teacher, Miss Honey, little Matilda gets revenge on her bullying principal Miss Trunchbull and saves her classmates from years of prison-like school conditions. In the Danny DeVito-directed movie, a very family-friendly version of the story, the Wormwoods live in ’90s America, though the musical, which ran on Broadway and the West End in the early 2010s, is set in Britain, like the book.

Now that the Tony-winning production is being made into a movie musical for Netflix, yet another generation of youngsters will be thrilled and inspired by the story. Here’s everything we know so far about the Matilda musical movie on Netflix

Matilda will be played by Irish newcomer Alisha Weir

The 11-year-old singer, actor and dancer Alisha Weir won the title role.

Emma Thompson will play Miss Trunchbull

In January 2021, Emma Thompson officially took over the role.

Lashana Lynch will play Miss Honey

The Captain Marvel and No Time To Die star will play the generous schoolteacher Miss Honey, low-key lesbian icon.

Stage director Matthew Warchus is returning for the film

Warchus, who directed the original musical production, said of the new project, “Matilda will be an imaginative and fresh retelling of the award-winning musical, featuring talented young newcomers, alongside established stars. I look forward to introducing this beloved and powerful story to a new generation of fans around the world,” per Variety.

The movie cast hasn’t weighed in…yet

Danny DeVito, who also starred as Mr. Wormwood and the narrator in the 1996 film, and Mara Wilson, who played Matilda, are both pretty active on social media, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they comment on the new adaptation eventually. We’ll update you when they do!


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