Naomi Biden Says Tucker Carlson Needs ‘a Hug’ After He Makes Fun of Joe and Jill


Naomi Biden isn’t letting anyone mock her grandparents. The recent Columbia Law School grad took aim at Fox News host Tucker Carlson after he made fun of President Joe and Dr. Jill Biden’s marriage. Carlson’s recent sarcastic remarks were in response to a Politico Valentine’s Day article about the president and first lady’s relationship.

“So it’s official: The Bidens’ affection is totally real,” Carlson said during a segment featuring photos of the Bidens showing PDA. “It’s in no way part of a slick PR campaign devised by cynical consultants.” After laughing, he added, “No, not at all. Their love is as real as climate change.”

Naomi Biden retweeted the video with a simple yet effective zinger: “Someone give this man a hug.”

Other people on social media expressed their disgust at Carlson’s mean comments and poked fun at the fact that climate change is, in fact, real. Stephen Colbert tweeted, “Tucker Carlson said Joe and Jill Biden’s marriage is ‘as real as climate change.’ Because it’s been around since the Carter administration, and it’s only getting hotter?”

Another user wrote, “Welp, Tucker Carlson finally got something right…Joe & Jill Biden’s love is as real as climate change.” 

One person praised Naomi’s tasteful response, writing, “Naomi Biden said in response to Tucker Carlson’s mocking of Joe and Jill Biden’s relationship that he ‘needs a hug.’ In case you needed a lesson in having class.”

The Politico article featured historians and relationship experts commenting on Joe and Jill Biden’s dynamic. “I think that the Bidens know that the affection they show for each other is serving as a healing agent,” Rice University professor and presidential historian Dr. Douglas Brinkley said in the article. “New presidents and first ladies have to be empathetic.”

He added, “When we watch [first couples] together, we don’t want to feel a tension in their marriage. We don’t want to feel that they enjoy being separated from each other. One wants to believe that there’s some harmony and deep respect there.”

So far, what we’ve witnessed of the Bidens’ relationship has been nothing short of harmonious. Dr. Biden confirmed this on Valentine’s Day by decorating the White House lawn with giant hearts with words like “kindness” and “compassion” on them. A display not only of the love within her marriage but also the love she has for our country.


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