Naked Megan Fox Points a Gun at Machine Gun Kelly’s Crotch in First Joint Magazine Cover

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly just made their joint magazine cover debut—and the images sure are something. When I say one cover features Fox wearing nothing but a harness and pointing a gun at her boyfriend’s, uh, nether regions, I am just stating facts.

Fox shared said cover photo from GQ Style’s autumn/winter 2021 issue with a captivating caption that tells the tale of a Bonnie & Clyde-esque romance between the pair, which is fitting considering Fox is set to star in a modern update of the story, titled Johnny and Clyde.

“The tale of two outcasts and star-crossed lovers caught in the throes of a torrid, solar flare of a romance featuring: feverish obsession, guns, addiction, shamans, lots of blood, general mayhem, therapy, tantric night terrors, binding rituals, chakra sound baths, psychedelic hallucinations, organic smoothies, and the kind of sex that would make Lucifer clutch his rosary 📿,” Fox wrote alongside the image. 

MGK also posted a third cover image along with a series of photos from the shoot. “A life without you is worse than death, put a bullet in my head if we have nothing left,” he captioned the post with a knife and anatomical heart emoji. “And if that ever comes, meet me in heaven and let’s make love like demons.” 

The theme of MGK’s poem (song lyrics?) and Fox’s story become clear when you learn they gave each other matching tattoos that read, “The darkest fairytale,” before heading to dinner for their British GQ interview. 

 “It was obvious from second one what it was going to be,” Fox tells the publication of their relationship, which echoes previous statements. “But we didn’t hook up right away.” 

“She was just like, ‘How are you feeling?’” MGK adds, “And I said, ‘I’m lost.’ She said, ‘Well, let’s find you.’ That was the first real conversation we had.”

You can read the full story and see every photo here. Later in the interview, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly get thoughtful about the highs and lows of their whirlwind courtship. “This is a very intense relationship,” she says. “Our souls chose this to absolutely have to face our shadow selves; to face things about ourselves we didn’t want to have to know, that we tried to push away.”

MGK adds that they “go to hell” with each other. “It’s ecstasy and agony for sure,” he says. “I don’t want people to think anything’s perfect with us. I didn’t say it was the darkest fairy tale for no reason.”

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