My Chaotic Apartment Was in Desperate Need of These Cute Storage Bins

After months of quarantine I was desperate to find cute storage bins to deal with the mess taking over my entire apartment. It. Was. Chaos. Everywhere. Kind of as if my inside world was mirroring the outside—and I was beginning to hate everything in sight. With little budget for a full interior re-do, I found Open Spaces, a direct-to-consumer brand that sells reasonably priced modern home organization products. Think pastel nesting trays, Pinterest-worthy wire baskets, and tiered entryway racks with an Ikea-meets-West-Elm feel. One piece (actually, two) caught my eye: these adorable-as-hell felt storage bins. See for yourself below. 

I was taken in by the soft, round lines and minimalist aesthetic. The contrast of the pale wooden top with the light gray felt (made from recycled plastic bottle fibers) also hit the sweet Scandi spot of being not too busy, nor too plain. And perhaps most crucially, I didn’t instinctively want to hide them inside a closet.

As reflected in its perfect five-star rating, many reviewers feel the same way. “They are great looking, sturdy and stackable. Highly recommend them. We are using for a playroom,” one parent wrote. Another person said, “They’re perfect for holding scarves and purses.” Someone else working from home said the bins were “such a great upgrade for my home office.” My favorite review: “The texture and color are delicious next to the soft color palette of our room.” Delicious indeed. 

The moral support from strangers was all I needed to hit the checkout button. I couldn’t wait to get the storage bins in the mail—and was already plotting what I would fill them with. They arrived super fast, and with minimal packaging that was also easy to break down for recycling. My first thought when seeing them: Wow these are really well-made. Then I touched the felt. So soft! I immediately put my bins to work in the hallway and filled them with random things I planned to “deal with later.” Now I keep both in the living room (which incidentally is also my bedroom) for storing clothes. I quickly realized you can place them anywhere and they’ll look at right home. 

If you’re trying to imagine how much can fit inside, proportionally it’s about as big as a large duffel bag—meaning you have ample room to stack workout gear, kids’ toys, transitional clothes taking up valuable wardrobe real estate, or bulky electronic devices. Speaking of tech, if you want to put a Vanishing Spell on miles of snaking wires from a router or laptop charger, these cute storage bins have small holes on the side that you can pull the cords through. Having holes instead of fabric handles is also low-key genius because you don’t have to worry about ripping one off by accident. (Been there, done that.) 

Once you take into account the size and quality of the product, Open Spaces’ felt bins are a total steal. The large set will cost you $92, or $74 if you forgo the wooden lids. Price-wise, it’s about the same as buying four medium-size plastic designs from any home goods store, except the ones from Open Spaces will hold up better in the long run. And because they’re more versatile and sturdier, you’ll need fewer bins—and fewer replacements over time—to organize your things. 

With so many of us still working from home and spending most of our free time indoors, these bins are an amazing solution for small, overworked spaces (and people). A decluttered home = a decluttered mind. Now—petition to cast me on the next season of The Home Edit?  

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