Mr. Big Reportedly Won’t Be in the ‘Sex and the City’ Revival, and We Have Concerns


After news broke that HBO is bringing back Sex and the City for a run of 10 episodes called And Just Like That… without Samantha Jones, fans started worrying the show wouldn’t work. Now it’s been revealed by Page Six  that another major player from the original series will be missing in action: Mr. Big,  a.k.a. John, a.k.a. Carrie’s husband. Troubling, to say the least.

It’s worth noting that Big wasn’t in every episode of the original series. He traveled a lot for work, so sure, maybe he and Carrie will still be canonically “together” even if he’s offscreen. But it’s also worth noting that he didn’t treat Carrie very well, so it wouldn’t be far-fetched if they broke up.  

Page Six reports that, in addition to Chris Noth, David Eigenberg—a.k.a. Steve, a.k.a. Miranda’s husband—might not be coming back either. But the outlet also has a source that says he might, so watch this space for news. (For what it’s worth: Steve and Miranda broke up in the first movie but got back together and seemed quite solid in the second!)

If Charlotte and Harry aren’t still together, we will literally scream and possibly take legal action.

Last we heard, Sex and the City star and producer Sarah Jessica Parker was telling fans to “wait and see” what would become of her character’s main love interest, after shutting down rumors he would be killed off. She also confirmed that the COVID-19 pandemic will be incorporated into the show, so hear us out: Big, Samantha, and possibly Steve were all on a cruise together and are quarantined just offshore for the entire series. Safe, secure, happy, but unavailable for key scenes. (Why these three characters would be on a cruise together is something for the writers to figure out, but we have faith.) 

On the other hand, bring back Justin Theroux!


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