Miranda Kerr Drops Her Skin-Care Routine


Miranda Kerr knows clean beauty. Years before other celebrities were preaching the importance of a holistic lifestyle and shilling jade vagina eggs, Kerr was in the lab formulating her brand, Kora Organics, which would go on to become one of the leaders in ultra-clean beauty. 

 “I really feel like with our skin being the largest organ, we need to be educated about what we’re putting on our skin,” the 38-year-old model and founder tells Glamour. Alongside being clean, the line is certified organic by Ecocert Cosmos, which Kerr calls a “big brother” making sure the brand’s manufacturing process and ingredients are up to its standards. “You have that assurance that you’re getting the purest products,” she says. “When you use a certified organic ingredient, you’re getting up to 60% more antioxidants [than nonorganic ingredients]. If you’re looking and interested in clean beauty, this is clean beauty plus plus. It’s beyond clean beauty.”

Kerr thinks of skin care as a holistic experience, and she wanted her products to reflect that. “I’m very much into that whole philosophy of, What tools can I incorporate into Korra that can give you the 360 approach to wellness?” she says. In addition to each product being filtered through rose quartz crystals in the manufacturing process to “energize and uplift the products,” each one has a positive affirmation on the back such as love or bliss.

“There’ve been studies from so many different scientists all over the world talking about the fact that we’re all energetic beings, and that every thought we think has an effect on us. And so this was just a little added touch for me to uplift the user’s experience,  even if it just reminds you to be positive in that moment.”

When it comes to her own combination skin, Kerr says consistency is key. “I really feel like the most important thing is to find what products work for you and give your skin the results you need,” she says. “And I really feel like I have noticed a big difference in my skin when I am consistent with my routine.”

So what exactly is the routine that’s changed her skin? We asked Kerr to drop her skin-care routine. Read on for the vitamin C she swears by, the “invigorating” scrub she’s obsessed with, and the gadgets that are worth the splurge. 

My Cleanser 

Morning and night, I use my Milky Mushroom Gentle Cleansing Oil. It has aloe vera leaf juice and silver ear mushroom, and the mushroom works similarly to hyaluronic acid to bind the moisture to your skin. You have to shake it to activate it, and it mixes in with these incredible oils like apple seed oil, and it just gently turns into a milky texture. So it’s not heavy, like a traditional oil cleanser. It’s very light, and your skin is so smooth and hydrated but not tacky at all, and it melts away your makeup.

Kora Organics Milky Mushroom Gentle Cleansing Oil

It contains geranium, rose, and basil oils; and those essential oils together, they have an anti-anxiety, very calming, nurturing effect on the body. So you are cleansing your face and you’re feeling this this energy of the essential oils.

 All my products have specific words on them, but on the back of the milky mushroom cleanser, the word is forgiveness.  I was very specific about that because someone once told me years ago that when you brush your teeth, you should practice forgiveness prayers. So when you’re cleansing, you have that opportunity to forgive yourself, forgive others that have intentionally or unintentionally hurt your feelings, or you may have unintentionally hurt someone else’s feelings. So it’s just that little practice that you can have, that little ritual for yourself that is part of nurturing your mind, body, and spirit. 

My Scrub 

In the morning, my turmeric scrub is so invigorating and exfoliating. Talk about a sensory experience! It has peppermint essential oils so you just feel this breath of fresh air when you scrub your face in the shower in the morning.


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