Michelle Young of ‘The Bachelorette’ Reveals the One Thing She Would Do Differently

You recently told Entertainment Tonight that “the biggest thing is that this [experience] comes with the spotlight, and I want somebody who doesn’t care about that spotlight.” Do you believe that you found somebody in your final two or three guys that does not care about the spotlight?

What I learned more and more as we went on is that there were multiple men that were, as clichéd as it sounds, there “for the right reasons.” They knew who they were, and even though they didn’t have the spotlight on them coming into it, I had this level of trust or understanding after a certain point to really see so many of them were going to be maintaining that character once they stepped out of this, whether they ended up with me or not. That’s something that I definitely had in the forefront of my mind since I was navigating the entire journey.

It’s really hard to weed out those people that may be in it for the right reasons, but also still be intrigued by the idea of what this could also lead to. 

The thing is, you can take opportunities. Everybody has different opportunities that they want to take. I’m going to take certain opportunities as well. But it’s the fact of how you embrace those opportunities. Are you still humble? Do you have a level head on your shoulders, or do you have this sense of entitlement now? Or not working as hard, or trying to make as big of a difference because you don’t need to work as hard? So it’s more of “Yes, you can take advantage of opportunities, but which opportunities are you taking advantage of? And do you still have a humble head on your shoulders?”

That is so perfectly said. As we wrap up, if you could go back and tell yourself anything on night one, what would you say?

Stop saying, “I love it.” When you go through this, everybody has that one phrase that they say over and over again, not even knowing that you’re doing it. I don’t necessarily show I’m nervous on the outside, but when I’m seeing myself, I said, “I love it.” Which was very genuine because I did love it. But I could have used a synonym, changed it up. I could have put in my own lesson that I give to my fifth graders about changing words up to make it interesting. [Laughs.] Like I said, “I love it. I love it. I love it.” And then I said, “I like it.” And then I went back to “I love it.” Fully prepared to make fun of myself for that one.

I, for one, don’t think I picked up on it if that makes you feel any better.

Actually, can you spill this story? So I’m making fun of myself before the whole world sees it. That’d be greatly appreciated. Make it a drinking game. Tell everyone to take a shot every time you hear the word love. [Laughs.]

Will do. And then, looking far ahead, how would you describe the finale for us?

The most dramatic, so dramatic. But the final episode is honestly so intense and emotional. It’s going to be a lot.

One more thing, and it’s something I was dying to know as the first episode came to a close: Does Rick wear eyeliner? Because those are some mesmerizing eyes. 

No, he does not wear eyeliner, but he has the most beautiful dark eyelashes combined with these green eyes. So that’s what you were seeing. Rick has the eyelashes that every woman wished she had.

This interviewed has been edited for length and clarity.

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