Michelle Obama’s Inauguration Hair Looks So Incredible, the Internet Is Losing It


For someone who famously dislikes politics, Michelle Obama never fails to turn out a look for a political occasion. At President Joe Biden’s and Vice President Kamala Harris’s historic inauguration, the former first lady looked downright regal in her burgundy Sergio Hudson trousers, turtleneck, and overcoat with black gloves, boots, and a face mask. Obviously, her outfit was flawless, but it’s her pressed, silky hair that have people tweeting at a record rate.

If you’re scrolling on Twitter, you probably noticed an eyebrow-raising search term. “Laid” already has more than 130,000 tweets. Why, you ask? Because Obama’s hair looks gorgeous. The volume? Unparalleled. The sheen? Inspiring. The waves? Game-changing. 

Just look at the perfect mixture of bounce and hold in this clip Obama’s hairstylist, Yene Damtew, shared on Instagram of Barack and Michelle Obama entering the inauguration. That, friends, is laid.

The biggest praise is coming from Twitter—and most notably, Black Twitter. Queen Michelle has set the standard for hair (not even a pandemic will stop her from neglecting those edges!), and people are taking notes. “‘LAID’ is trending nationally. The power of Black Twitter,” one user wrote. Another added, “Just wanna let y’all know… What Michelle Obama will do, is SERVE you a LOOK with that HAIR LAID for the GAWDS.”

As we pointed out, the hair was just the icing on top of her inauguration look. “She got that hair laid,” one social media user tweeted. “She got the waist cinched. She got that outfit on drip mode, and she came to not mess around hunny.”

And let’s not gloss over the fact that it’s not easy to keep hair looking that good for hours… outside… in the wind… in the dead of winter. “MICHELLE. These bundles said, WHAT WIND????? I DARE A BISH TO BLOW! HAIR IS UNMATCHED AND UNMOVED!!!! Whomever laid this look had a chunk of grease on the back of a hand, and a rat tail comb with the first 7 teeth missing,” one person joked.

Please enjoy this hair moment…

Truly, it doesn’t matter whether she’s rocking her natural curls, a protective style, or a flawless pressed look, her every hair move ends up in the group chat. That’s just the power of Michelle Obama.


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