Michelle Lopez Can Teach Anyone to Make Bakery-Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies


Now she writes each recipe so it can be followed by a complete novice—basically, she makes it impossible to screw up. And equally, each recipe is so neatly organized that it’s also easy for experienced bakers to skip the extras and get down to sifting. It’s the baking equivalent of when workout instructors offer multiple modification options.

Glamour sat down with Michelle Lopez to talk chocolate and more for another installment of How I Eat At Home.  

Three staples I always have in my pantry 

The number-one thing I always have is butter—I especially have Land O’Lakes butter. You can find it at any supermarket; it’s so good. And if you want to go a little bit fancy, Vermont Creamery makes really good butter; that’s what I go for when I want to splurge. 

Vanilla, in addition to really good chocolate, is the next baking secret. If I want to splurge, I go for the fancy Nielsen Massey, but that’s a little on the pricy side, so I actually rely a lot on Costco vanilla extract, which I think is really good quality and is actually reasonably priced. 

Of course I always have flour on hand, and I am not picky about flour, which is a little unusual with bakers. I know some bakers live and die by types of flour, but I do like Gold Medal flour; that’s what I used when I was developing recipes for my cookbook.

What I listen to while I bake 

I listen to a constant stream of music when I bake! I feel weird when I’m baking in silence; it feels like there’s something missing. I want to set the scene. I feel like I’m just going to expose myself here, but I’ve been listening to Olivia Rodrigo’s album on repeat! Oh, my God, it’s so good. That gets me going.

My favorite recipe  

It changes all the time, but I had this really good blueberry muffin recipe that went a little viral last year. They’re based on Levain Bakery, a really famous bakery in New York City known for their thick, gooey chocolate chip cookies. I used to live in that neighborhood, and I swear to God the best thing is not the cookies; the thing to get there is their blueberry muffins. They’re super tall and they’re super domed—they look like the dictionary definition of a blueberry muffin. They sprinkle sugar on them, so the top almost looks like creme brûlée. 

I moved away from New York and I really missed their muffins! I spent a really long time kind of stalking the Levain Instagram and watching their Instagram Stories, because they showed behind the scenes of how they make their muffins, and I was like, “I think I can figure this out.” So I came up with something that’s very much inspired by their muffin recipe, and I love it so much.

What I baked the most during the pandemic 

I’m going to expose myself again here. Everyone who got into baking during the pandemic either did the sourdough thing or they did the banana bread thing. I killed my sourdough starter immediately! It just wasn’t for me—this thing I had to feed every day? I could barely manage feeding myself! Instead, I baked banana bread almost weekly at the beginning. I still make it at least every month now. It’s so comforting. We eat a lot of bananas at home anyway, so we always have some left over, and it’s just so easy to throw in the gross bananas and make a banana bread.

My favorite kitchen tool 

This also changes on the reg, but right now my most beloved kitchen item, and this is going to be a little cliché, is my KitchenAid mixer. Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve been known for doing small batch versions of classics—it’s just the two of us at home, so I started scaling down a lot of my usual recipes to yield enough for two to four people. I got the mini version of a stand mixer, and it’s really great for the recipes I make that only make four muffins or four chocolate chip cookies, because the doughs and the batters are so small. 

KitchenAid® Artisan Mini Stand Mixer with Flex Edge Beater

My go-to hostess gift 

Okay, so—I always have some kind of cookie dough in my freezer. Cookie dough is great to make at home especially if you’re in a small household, because it freezes really well. I usually make a batch of cookie dough that probably makes 16 to 24 cookies, but I bake just two or four of them and freeze the rest. I love trying new cookie recipes; they’re probably the thing I love to bake the most on my own. So what ends up happening is that a few months in, I look in my freezer and I have like 6 to 10 different cookie doughs. I’ll bake batches of them and put them in little boxes, and that’s my hostess gift, a little variety box of cookies. People are like, “Wow, I can’t believe it—you slaved over this!” and I’m like, “Yeah! Totally. I did.”

Something on my to-be-baked list 

Claire Saffitz, who’s one of my cooking heroes, had a big feature awhile ago about how to make croissants at home. This is something I have yet to tackle because it’s kind of a time-intensive thing. She makes it look—I don’t want to say she makes it look easy, because it’s not an easy process! But she’s so thorough. I appreciate it as a thorough person myself. I feel like—I’m finally going to do it! This is the year I make croissants at home! And then I look at the recipe every week and am like, “Maybe next week.” 

My favorite meal to cook 

I like cooking breakfast the most, just because it feels like less of a chore. After a long day of work, I don’t want to cook dinner; it’s kind of a drag. Whereas I feel like there’s an optimistic, hopeful thing in breakfast. I’m a savory-breakfast person because I eat so many sweets for my baking, so when I make myself breakfast, it’s on the healthy-ish side, like an omelet with  avocado. It gets me going. I get something in my stomach besides the cakes I’m going to test.

Other baking Instagrams I love 

Zoë Bakes is another personal hero of mine—she’s a trained pastry chef, and she has these really, really amazing Instagram stories where she shows you step-by-step, which is common these days, but the recipes she creates are actual, like, elevated pastries. She has a Baked Alaska that has three different layers of ice cream inside, and she covered it in meringue and torches it with a giant flame! And she just goes through it step-by-step.

My friend Adrianna Adarme from A Cozy Kitchen, her Instagram is such an inspiration to me—she has these wonderful reels, and she just does these really amazing quick and easy-to-digest videos of her food. She has one for birria tacos where she pulls the tacos apart and they just have those string-cheese pulls—it’s amazing. 

Jenny Singer is a staff writer for Glamour. You can follow her on Twitter. 


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