Meredith Just Woke Up on ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ and Fans Are Emotional


The latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy answered one question on fans’ minds but asked a dozen more. As we learned the fate of Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo)—she did wake up after being intubated due to the effects of COVID-19—we were also given a tantalizing hint that she might have been able to hear what was going on while she was under.

On the episode, which aired Thursday, April 8, Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) gave Meredith a CT scan, which showed promising vital signs, although everyone’s favorite surgeon was still unable to stay conscious for long. “Great news doesn’t matter if she’s too weak to stay awake,” he said, per People.

But as Meredith rounds the corner, health-wise, she’s also coming to terms emotionally with what happened on her in-between dreamlike beach…and what she heard from the real world. When she came to, her first words were to Webber, thanking him for putting her on a vent. Then she said, “We need to talk about Wilson.” Apparently, while she was on the ventilator, Meredith heard Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) talking to a then unconscious Meredith about switching from general surgery to obstetrics. Clearly, she wasn’t out as cold as everyone thought.

But what else did she hear? Viewers will have to keep watching to find out. We were all so distracted by the cameos from dearly departed Grey’s Anatomy characters, no one seemed to consider than another part of Meredith’s mind might have stayed off the beach, in that hospital room, absorbing the goings-on at Grey Sloan. Most importantly, does she know DeLuca died?

Obviously, the diehard Grey’s fans were emotional watching their girl return to the land of the living. Some really wanted more Meredith-Derek time, even if it meant Mer had to stay in limbo. Because, let’s face it, her time on the beach was pretty iconic. Why can’t we have it both ways?


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