Melissa McCarthy Opens Up About Filming That Viral Birthday Video With Meghan Markle


After appearing in a video to help Meghan Markle launch her 40 X 40 initiative, Nine Perfect Strangers star Melissa McCarthy is opening up about how inspired she is by the royal. 

“I just find them very inspiring,” McCarthy said of Markle and Prince Harry on Access Hollywood. “They’re carving out their own lives. They’re carving out their lives for their kids.”

Calling the Sussexes “so sweet and funny,” McCarthy also revealed which jokes they each pitched for the viral video, which went live on Markle’s 40th birthday. “The Suits reunion really made me laugh,” she revealed. “That was not my idea. I wish I could claim that bit, but it was hers.” And how about that Prince Harry cameo, in which he juggles outside his wife’s office? All his idea. “He’s like, ‘Is it going to be weird if I stand outside and juggle?’ I was like, ‘Weird in the way that will make me watch it 5 million times,’” McCarthy said.

McCarthy recalled being excited to work on the video, which encourages women to spend 40 minutes mentoring a woman reentering the workforce. “I was like, ‘Yes! What a great idea.’ I was so pleased to be a part of it,” said McCarthy. 

“Today is my friend Meghan’s 40th birthday (you know, The Duchess of Sussex!). She called to ask me to contribute 40 minutes of mentorship to support women reentering the workforce. I think it went…well?” the actor wrote on Instagram. “Of course I said yes! But we need you to join us, too. If you’re able, can you commit 40 minutes in service of others today? In the past two years, tens of millions of women around the world have departed the workforce and communities everywhere are in need of support. Together, we can do something to help.”

Melissa McCarthy continued, “Whether you donate time to mentoring, community service, or any act of service that you can, we can all contribute to a global wave of compassion and positive change together.”


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