Meghan Trainor and Her Husband Installed Toilets Right Next to Each Other

Every so often, I am confronted with information that forces me to ask: is Meghan Trainor living the one, true, great love story of our time?  

The 27-year-old singer is married to Daryl Sabara, 30, who is best known for playing Juni Cortez in the movie Spy Kids. Since meeting in 2016 (more on that later), everything Trainor has said about their relationship is unexpectedly romantic. Let me run you through a few examples: 

  • In 2017, after getting vocal surgery, Trainor told Ellen DeGeneres that Sabara learned sign language so that he could communicate with her. To deepen their connection without talking, they painted together. 
  • Trainor has spoken repeatedly about how Sabara’s clear and unequivocal physical desire for her helped her grow her confidence. “I never really felt sexy with guys before,” she said in one interview with Cosmopolitan. “No one expressed how they liked my body out loud in the bedroom until I met Daryl. He is obsessed with it—every inch.” 
  • Trainor and Sabara have a seven-month-old baby, Riley. After Trainor went back to work, she said that Sabara created a system where he wakes up every morning early with the baby, so that she can sleep in. “He makes it almost easy,” she said. (Men should not be praised for parenting their own children, but a dad prioritizing a mom’s sleep and career over his own is hot.) 

All of those things are undeniably sweet, but Trainor just took things to a whole new level. In an interview with the comedian Nicole Byer that dropped on Friday on Buyer’s podcast, Why Won’t You Date Me, Trainor revealed another layer of intimacy that involves their bathroom. 

“We just got a new house and we did construction,” she told Byer. “Nobody knows this, but in our bathroom, there was one toilet, and a lot of time in the middle of the night when we’re with the baby we’ve got to pee at the same time. So I was like ‘Can we please have two toilets next to each other?’” 

Trainor said that the contractor thought she was joking at first but ultimately agreed to install a second toilet next to the existing one. “We got two toilets sitting next to each other,” Trainor said, cheerfully. “And we’ve only pooped together twice.” 

She added, “We pee at the same time a lot.” 

Forget producing a handful of grandchildren or being buried side by side—this is true love. Some couples swear that having two separate bathrooms keeps the passion alive, but what if the opposite is true? “The best part about my relationship is that Darryl,” Trainor said. “He cares so much about me, my well-being my emotional state my physical, everything. And he just wants to do anything he can to make me better, and make my life easier.” Even peeing side by side, late into a night of parenting. 

Trainor also described her relationship trajectory with Sabara. I dare you to argue that this is not our contemporary answer to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. 

  • They were set up on a date by the actress Chloe Grace Moretz, who took them bowling 
  • They spent that first night together (“It was excellent,” Trainor said.) 
  • They spent every night of the next week together 
  • On the fourth day of that week, she was throwing a party for the 4th of July, so she introduced him to her parents, brother, and entire extended family 
  • On the sixth day, they said “I love you.” 
  • Now he makes her breakfast in bed every day. 

And never shall the two be parted, even by bowel movements. Accept it: what Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara have is rare and precious, and comes from a place—literally—deep within. 

Jenny Singer is a staff writer for Glamour. You can follow her on Twitter. 

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