Meghan Markle’s Friends Are Voicing Their Support for Her on Social Media


As Oprah Winfrey’s highly anticipated interview with Meghan Markle inches closer, attacks against the Duchess of Sussex have increased tenfold. Even the palace, whose own Prince Andrews has ties to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, has launched an investigation into claims that Markle bullied palace aides. Cool timing.

“I don’t know how they could expect that after all of this time, we would still just be silent if there is an active role that The Firm is playing in perpetuating falsehoods about us,” Markle told Winfrey in one preview clip. “And if that comes with risk of losing things, there’s a lot that’s been lost already.”

Despite Prince Harry’s own involvement in the Winfrey interview and his candid words during an afternoon with James Corden, it’s interesting that online fury continues to be placed on Markle’s shoulders, alone. However, that does not mean she’s been completely abandoned. Aside from the support from her husband, many of Meghan Markle’s best friends are coming to her defense against critics on social media and within the palace walls.

“Meg’s M.O. has always been kindness; goodwill runs in her bones,” author and TV producer Lindsay Roth, who has known Markle since college, wrote on Instagram on March 4. “If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Meg – and I hope more of you do – you will see the altruistic, magnanimous friend who I am so lucky to have in my corner.”

Roth continued, “She was this woman when we were students together at Northwestern University; she was this woman in Los Angeles when her days were spent auditioning; she was this woman living in Toronto as Rachel Zane on Suits; she was this woman before you knew she was dating Harry; she was this woman after you knew she was dating Harry; she was this woman when she became Duchess of Sussex and she is still – without a doubt – this very same woman today.”

Roth was not alone. Silver Tree, a director and producer, shared multiple images of the duchess on Twitter and Instagram March 5. “This is Meg. A real person—not a cover story,” she wrote. “She is the friend who insists on always hearing the details of your life, your day, your kid’s life, your kid’s day, before hers. Always before hers.”

Friend and actor Jameela Jamil went straight for the palace’s neck with her posts. “IF THIS IS WHAT THE ROYAL FAMILY IS COMFORTABLE DOING TO A HEAVILY PREGNANT WOMAN PUBLICLY…can we even imagine what they put her through privately?” she tweeted on March 4. “They seem terrified. Her interview hasn’t even aired yet. What are they covering up? The stench of their desperation is rotten.”

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